Spotlight On: Sandra Reed

At Meetings Alliance we’re kicking off 2021 energized and ready to do everything we can to advance the Meetings Industry (MI). Who better than Sandra Reed, founder and CEO of this company to present the goals and objectives that will continue to connect the Americas and the Caribbean?

With 35 years of experience in different sectors of the tourism industry, Sandra is a living example of the amalgam that is the Americas: She was born in the United States to an American father and a Colombian mother, lived for many years in Panama, for a while in Switzerland, and finally found her home in Miami.

Those who know her know that she loves golf, a pastime that both entertains her and disconnects her from the world while teaching her patience, strategy, and connecting her with nature.

“I’m heading into 2021 with a very optimistic outlook. The keys to success this year are understanding and flexibility: we want to be your ally and unite the Americas. I am passionate about Latin America, I believe it offers unparalleled human potential and exciting destinations with more to discover,” said Reed.

For Meetings Alliance, #MeetingsMeanBusiness

Working closely with tourism destinations, either by distributing information or hosting networking events, has been instrumental in understanding that the meetings industry needs closer ties with other industries. More connection with trade associations and professionals will develop a wider audience for buying and selling.

“I’m a big believer that you have to evaluate how business was previously conducted and assess the fundamentals of the meetings industry. I see that you have to connect buyers with sellers for there to be professional and economic movement in each country. We will use all our experience and knowledge to achieve this,” said Reed.

Market Business Experience is the solution that addresses her objective: This project intends to link the meetings industry with sectors that, despite the pandemic, are still very active, such as agribusiness, manufacturing, and technology, among others.

The idea is to generate information on the products and services of both producers and destinations, prompting interest for events strictly aligned with the new reality, where negotiations are precise and agile.

A digital approach coupled with compelling editorial content

Meetings Alliance is steeped in the inherent positivity of the meetings industry. And an evolution has ocurred: for years we were positioned with print, earning recognition as

experts in developing Meeting Tourism Guides for Mexico and Guatemala. Today the focus is more dynamic, moving towards digital without forgetting our roots.

“Our biggest advantage is that we’re multicultural and bilingual. You have to know how to convey the message you want to translate from the Latin world to the English-speaking world and vice versa; we have the necessary degree of cultural interpretation to cross those professional borders,” explained the CEO of Meetings Alliance.

The new normal implies the repositioning of many destinations—at Meetings Alliance we are consultants and developers of specific products within the MICE segment. We are agile in adapting and providing personalized advice to each client.

“We specialize in destinations, including convention centers, hotel chains, marketing offices, and authorities, so we know how to improve their global positioning and develop a wider audience in their specific markets,” Sandra explained.

The new Editorial Content Packages (interviews, articles, and news stories) enable Meetings Alliance to meet the information and advertising needs of this changing market, offering flexible, short-term campaigns with a powerful brand presence.

We also offer other digital products ranging from webinars, social media campaigns, digital marketing, and more.

“My staff knows the meetings industry in depth, for example my executive editor and her editorial team are specialized in the MICE segment, they thoroughly understand the Meeting Planners and the international event decision makers. In addition, we have representatives throughout Mexico and Central America to be closer to our clients,” added Reed.

Sandra has always been linked to PCMA, including a stint on the board of directors of the Mexico Chapter, and has also been involved with MPI working to support Central America. She currently collaborates with COCAL as part of the board of directors, an entity that she sees as the key piece to unite the MICE industry in Latin America.

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