MICE South America Alliance Strengthens Ties

 This co-branding alliance has three main focuses: exchange of information about reactivation, joint promotion to generate confidence, and sharing leads for better networking

By Jorge J. J. Martínez 

The latest edition of Coffee Talks with Vicky Marmolejo demonstrated the powerof women within the MICE industry. The high-level panel of guests included three of the five women who lead the MICE South America Alliance from the cities Lima, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, and Quito.

The virtual meeting was held in connection with World Tourism Day. Participants were Denisse Mac Cubbin and Cintia Mari Hayashi from the convention & visitors bureaus of Lima and Sao Paulo, respectively; and CintiaGarcía from the MICE bureau of Santiago de Chile.

Completing this group of women are Camila Delgadillo of Bogota and Cundinamarca’s convention & visitors bureau and Norma Cristina Bock of Quito’s office of tourism.

Changes in business models precipitated by the pandemic includethe co-branding strategy for increasing corporate and institutional cost-effectiveness during times of adversity.

The primary focus of the alliance is the exchange of information and best practices among destinations. Based on their experiences as they reactivate tourism, participants can share their expertise and expand awareness of other destinations.

These South American destinations are naturally in competitionwith each otherin the international market. However the group’s second objective is joint promotion, working to generate confidence not only in individual destinations but for the region as a whole.

Mutual promotion increases the possibilities for all to book events, but the third focus is sharing leads. That is, clients who have enjoyed events at oneSouth American destination might—if there is cooperation and communication among alliance partners as opposed to only competition—book a future event in another part of the region.

Each country has faced the same big challenge: containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, creating protocols, and reopening with biosecurity safeguards.Colombia has made the most progress in reactivating events, and countries such as Brazil, Peru and Ecuador are opening more all the time.


Some good news is that Chile will open to general tourism beginning October 1. To learn more about what the panelists shared about the current status of their destinations, watch the whole program here.

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