Arnaldo Nardone: “If we want to reactivate the economy we must activate the MICE Industry”

The expert asserted that if governments had assigned the MICE industry professionals the rollout of the COVID vaccines, all countries would now be vaccinated.

 By Jorge J. J. Martínez

The first September broadcast of “Coffee Talks” with
Vicky Marmolejo welcomed ArnaldoN ardone, Director of FIEXPO Latin America and
special consultant of the Meetings Industry, with more than 27 years of

Arnaldo emphasized that governments should prioritize
reopening the Meetings Industry and not link it to tourism, emphasizing that
until the COVID pandemic this was the world’s 13th largest economic

“The MICE Industry moves all sectors of the economy
through its various types of players, making the industry itself a stimulator
of global economies in all commercial sectors that they want to incentivize.
That’s terribly important,” stated Nardone.

Destinations that handle the meetings industry and
tourism in the same way are destined to fail. The Meetings Industry is the
sector of tourism with the highest worth because beyond the economic impact, it
promotes the values of a destination and generates knowledge, technology,
commerce, and so on.

“The question isn’t to what sector is the MICE
Industry related, but to which one is it not? Can you tell me a single economic
sector, or part of life, that does not need meetings? If we want to reactivate
the economy, we must reactivate the MICE Industry,” the specialist pointed out.

The MICE industry is the best prepared for handling
people and the most responsible when it comes to protocol, as opposed to many
commercial establishments that do not comply.

“The problem is the ignorance with respect to the
meetings industry; over the years people have not understood that we do not
represent only one type of activity. If the rollout of the COVID vaccines had
been assigned to us, all countries would now be vaccinated,” stated Arnaldo Nardone.


The director of FIEXPO Latin America explained that
the current crisis in international air travel is because each country is
implementing its own measures without a comprehensive strategy.


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