BCD M&E: At the Forefront of Virtual and Hybrid Events

  • The company presented its holistic vision of changing lifestyles, digitalization, and individuality along with its innovative digital services delivered with professional TV production set quality.

BCD Meetings & Events presented its cutting-edge services to create virtual and hybrid events during a virtual press conference at its innovative Digital Meeting Center platform, in which they shared the theme “The Importance of Well-Being in our Teams.”

The international company’s proposed concept is based on a holistic vision of the change in lifestyles, digitalization, and the individuality of the people who operate companies and projects, taking into consideration the current transformation humanity is experiencing due to the multiple pandemics.

The proposal’s core is to go beyond wellness and practice well-being, which includes economic, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental health. In short, to work on people’s overall health, as promoted by its global campaign “Still Connecting.”

Cutting-edge services for 2021 of hybrid events

Digital acceleration set the wheels in motion at the global BCD M&E agency, spurring the creation of its new digital services for virtual and hybrid meetings and events, which are of television production quality. They perfected these services throughout 2020 across the more than 300 virtual events they produced.

Their Digital Meeting Center is produced using state-of-the-art software. This easy-to-navigate platform is professional and adaptable, capable of creating auditoriums, lobbies, rooms, stands, exhibition floors, and participant’s holograms.

Its Live Streaming offers live or recorded live transmissions. In the Virtual Venue, avatars can be created to chat and move around the different areas within events.

The current view is that events will gradually move from 100% virtual to hybrid until there is more face-to-face activity. The technology is already working, so the new face-to-face will be an alternative, whether you attend or stay at home.

The conference was presented by leading decision-makers in the company who shared excellent information with the attendees, who had the opportunity to experience this new normal for events.

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