Club MPI Ecuador Project seeks to expand the association throughout LATAM

  • Panama, Dominican Republic, and Chile are on schedule to create new Club MPI projects.

Cristina Dávila, president and founder of the new Club MPI Ecuador Project, announced they want to support other Latin American countries to continue expanding the association, thus extending its benefits to new destinations.

A little more than a month after starting the project, the “middle of the world” is already experiencing MIP’s positive effects, including the unification of industry players. The first example is the seven founding members who initiated this club project.

The creation of networking at the work and business levels is one of the benefits of MPI. At a country level, in Ecuador, cities such as Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Manta are joining. Cristina sees other aspects such as education and training as fundamental.

“We intend to bring the first certification to Ecuador; Mexico already has the certificates in Spanish. We first want to experience how certification works and establish a base to speak the same language, to go from local to global,” she said.

Panama, Dominican Republic, and Chile seek membership in MPI

Ecuador is receiving assistance from Colombia and Mexico to create its club, which will be established when it reaches 30 members. Following this support chain, countries such as Panama, Dominican Republic, and Chile are on schedule to begin their own initiatives in the association. The idea is to reach all Latin American countries.

“As MPI Ecuador, we want to promote union in the industry and provide tools to reinvent ourselves in all aspects that have to do with reopening so we can move forward. We enjoy our coexistence with other countries because sometimes you are drowning in your own issues, but when you look around, you find answers,” said Cristina Dávila.

Lastly, she provided information about Ecuador’s current situation in this new normal. There are permits for meetings within 30% of the venues’ capacity, subject to existing restrictions, and foreigners entering the country must present a negative test for Covid-19, PCR, or proof of vaccination.

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