Including Unforgettable Experiences in Redesigned Events Is Fundamental

 Adding high-impact experiences for participants will influence the selection of meetings and events venues for the new normal.


By Jorge J. J. Martínez 

Although after the pandemic MICE events may never be the same, in-person experiences will remain, perhaps taking on even more importance in the redesigned MICE industry.

The above was one of the central points mentioned by Eduardo Yarto, former secretary of tourism of Zacatecas, during his appearance on the first “Coffee Talks” of October. To watch the entire program, click here

Eduardo had a successful tenure in Zacatecas because he was able to establish his vision for events tourism in the state and the country, with well-grounded projects such as the Meetings Industry Museum of Mexico (MIR, for its Spanish-language acronym).

“How can we create unforgettable events? By creating experiences that attendees will remember for the rest of their lives. This way they will return to your destination to participate in future conferences,” stated Eduardo Yarto, who continues to consult and advise the MICE industry.

There’s a thin but clear line between standard incentive travel and meetings with added experiences. Incentive travel aims to reward the effort, while unforgettable experiences are value added to heighten awareness of the attendees.

Among the experiences that Eduardo and his team implemented during his term in Zacatecas are “callejoneadas,” (moveable, musical street parties traditional to the region), meetings within the Meetings Industry Museum, and an iconic rally in historic downtown Zacatecas. The latter scored a perfect 10 on the events impact calculator.

Each destination offers its own special features. Sharing these with guests can lead to unique experiences, which will then attract them to future meetings and conventions.

Eduardo Yarto described a sensory-infused conference that was so intense that emotional participants ended up somewhere between laughing and crying, but very happy. “That’s impossible to transmit online,” he said.

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