Colombia to increase global sales of cocoa equivalent to coffee

By Jorge J. J. Martínez

One of the industries with the greatest potential for development in Colombia is the production of cocoa.

Colombian coffee is a world leader, so raising cocoa to that level is an ambitious and achievable challenge that entails a gradual transformation. The project is executed with public resources, seeking to create a model that can be replicated in other regions.

It is vital that the producer give value to the production chain, since in traditional commerce the farmer was only interested in trading without premiums or additional payments for his work; currently they are implementing a fair price policy. Sustainability and maintainability will increase the value of the cocoa bean.

Fedecacao with support from private businesses, will host a presentation in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, September 16th to present to chocolate manufacturers the gentlest and most aromatic cocoa varieties in the world. Buyers will find a variety of cocoa blends with a delicate taste and aroma. XOCOLATL, with the support of Meetings Alliance, will bring together interested buyers and representatives of this fine product of Santander, Colombia  introducing the origins and production processes of the cocoa, as well as interaction with producers.

Save The Date – Thu Sep 16th. From more information:

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