COMIR reiterates its commitment to Mexico’s Meetings Industry

  • The association will create an updated barometer for the MICE Industry in the country and will seek out the best alternatives for each of Mexico’s different destinations concerning the reactivation of the industry. 

By Jorge J. J. Martínez 

Alejandro Ramirez Tabche, president of the Mexican Council of the Meetings Industry (COMIR), reiterated his commitment to managing his associations, establishing a connection with the authorities to secure beneficial public policies, and advancing the professionalization of the industry. 

Ramirez Tabche appeared on Coffee Talks with Vicky Marmolejo on Monday, July 12, 2021, to delve into the country’s tourism reactivation, and especially Meetings Tourism. To see the complete program, click here.

With 25 years of experience, Alejandro understands that it is vital to establish a rapprochement with the authorities. This is especially true when the conditions of each Mexican city and destination are different, which is why he will seek to promote a consistent and risk-free reactivation of the country.  

“We’re at the starting line waiting for the flag to run the marathon. All protocols are in place, we have good communication, and there is trust. We need more support from the government,” commented Alejandro Ramirez.

Several cities are already hosting meetings and events with good average attendance, such as Monterrey, Guadalajara, Zacatecas, Cancun, and Los Cabos. This is evidence of events that are biosecure.  

The President of COMIR explained the conditions of the different phases of the MICE Industry. For example, he said that leisure travel is growing fast because it is an individual decision, while the incentive program is a moral responsibility of the company, which complicates matters further. He added that corporate travel is better able to take advantage of technology. 

One of the commitments during his tenure at the helm of COMIR is to create and update a national barometer to have more accurate data and statistics, which will lay a solid foundation from which to make decisions.

“Digitalization is important, the business model has changed, profitability is different now in the virtual world, and we have to adapt,” said the President of COMIR.

Globally, China is very advanced with events of more than 15,000 people. Europe has been more practical using the virtual tool. It is already considering 2022, while Latin America continues to insist on the possibility of closing the last quarter of the year with more face-to-face activity.

Lastly, he commented that COMIR has plans to open a new youth chapter to encourage the professional development of new generations within Mexico’s Meetings Industry.

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