Empowerment of women in Colombian cocoa industry

Santander cocoa cluster in Colombia wants to strengthen and position the cocoa sector by developing a program that combines training for cocoa producers, product diversification and growth drivers for its sale.

We talked to Katherine Alfaro, Market Professional of the Cocoa Cluster, who let us know that it is a three-parties program, namely, government, academy, and companies (associations) are working together to improve quality of life of cocoa producers in the areas of Rionegro, El Playón, Landazurí, El Carmen de Chucurí and San Vicente de Chucurí.

Within cocoa industry, 25% of people involved are women. There is an active participation of women in the whole process of cocoa production, from sowing and harvest to activities like commercialization and business decision-making.

“Most of the entrepreneurship projects are led by a woman, they have a wider vision and usually go farther of what it is commonly established. Women participates actively in all links of the production process, they are the growth driver”, said Katherine.

It is interesting to inform foreign investors that when they buy cocoa directly from Santander producers, they directly impact 10 producer associations, which represent approximately 635 associates, who benefit more than 2,500 families. A great positive impact.

Reasons to buy Colombian cocoa.

The main reasons to buy Colombian cocoa, from the Santander region, might be divided as follows:

1.- You will contribute to the empowerment of women, which are one fourth of this sector.

2.- Cocoa in Colombia is a cultural issue. All members of a family, old and young, are acquainted with the process. It even exists the dance of Chocolate. When buying their cocoa, you will help bring wellness to the community and dignity to the product.

3.- Economic development generated through business opportunities and tourist development created around cocoa will add up to the quality-of-life improvement of the whole community.

4.- Strengthen the traditional roots represented by cocoa in the Santander region. From the total cocoa produced in Colombia, 42% comes from this area. Not only raw cocoa is exported, but also semi-manufactured and finished products are exported to more than 80 countries.



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