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Challenges & Opportunities for the MICE Industry in México: A great time for the industry leaders for cooperation.

As you might be aware, the new year has brought Mexico into a transition period with a new government and a new president, as recent unfortunate events that have occurred. It will be interesting to see the country’s top-performing industries evolve in 2020, but it’s safe to say that within the meetings industry all forecasts look encouraging.

At press time the changes in government were still recent, but the plans to overcome the challenge were already on the table and the associations have already begun to work on the participation in the most important trade shows and the coordination with the country’s top destinations. 

These are opportune times for the industry leaders in México to combat the bad image of the country through cooperation and collective efforts.

At Meetings Alliance we continue to work proactively to connect you with the right professionals and venues and have as seamless an experience as possible, which is why this year we have formed an alliance with Mexican Meetings Industry Council or COMIR by its acronym in Spanish. COMIR is made up of and represents twelve associations and organizations that conform the meetings industry in Mexico, serving as their spokesperson with the federal and local government agencies to promote the segment, and working to standardize the subject matter and language of Mexico’s meetings industry across International boundaries.

Beyond the economic spillover throughout the extensive value chain, the increase in per capita spending per visitor, and an improved hotel occupancy, Mexico also benefits from the academic and social spillover, as the industry promotes the professionalization of its citizens via presentations by top speakers on a national and international level, the networking between participants, and the creation of productive jobs in an industry that’s both sustainable and socially responsible.

Forme more information about the MICE Industry in México please explore our site or download Meetings Guide to México.

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