ROMANCE / Romance and History Beckon in Guatemala City / Meetings Alliance

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Romance and History Beckon in Guatemala City

Everybody knows Guatemala City is the starting point to explore the rest of the country, but you should certainly spend some time here with your significant other. There are plenty of quiet places and some even inspire romance.

The restless and cosmopolitan capital of Guatemala is one of the largest cities in Central America. It has been displaced four times because of the earthquakes, until 1776, when it settled permanently in the Hermitage Valley. The metropolis is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, and rises above the ancient Mayan city of Kaminal Juyú, inhabited between 1200 B.C. and A.D. 900. A visit to its ruins is a must for those interested in the pre-Hispanic past of the region. A spiral system, counterclockwise, divides the city into zones. It is an urban project that started between 1949 and 1953, organized in such a way that the Central Park, accompanied by the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace, is to be found just in the historic district, in Zone 1. Other zones revolve around, such as 9 and 10, where most of the hotels for planning a flawless wedding are located.

ROMANCE / Romance and History Beckon in Guatemala City / Meetings Alliance

Full of life, Guatemala City always welcomes visitors with the affection of its people, sometimes also with drizzly days and scented cups of coffee.

Love Amongst Buildings

Walk along Sixth Avenue, the emblematic boulevard of Zone 1. You will find bars full of history on the way, such as El Portalito; the fancy San Martín bakery; and the Lux Theater, opened in 1936. Then visit the restaurant district called Cuatro Grados Norte, in Zone 4. Anything that your palate could ever imagine is found there within blocks: dishes from Asia, Peruvian or Colombian food, pizzas and craft beers, local culinary proposals. In its own right, Zone 13 is piled with museums in a single street. There are, among others, the National Museum of Modern Art, dedicated to the artist Carlos Mérida, or the Archeology and Ethnology Museum. Take a stroll through Paseo Cayalá, an outdoor shopping center in Zona 16. Its boutiques, restaurants, cafes and bars entertain both travelers and locals.


If you walk down the aisle in Guatemala City, then spend your honeymoon in front of the ocean. The Pacific Coast, to the south, has around 186.5 miles of volcanic sand and quiet beaches such as Monterrico or Port of San José. To the north you will find all the charm of the Caribbean, and perfect hotels like the Amatique Bay Resort in Puerto Barrios.

Trip To Tikal

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Tikal National Park is located in the Petén region, in northern Guatemala. It houses not only mesmerizing archaeological remains of the ancient Mayan civilization, but also a complex habitat of wetlands and jungle. The easiest way to get there is flying from Guatemala City to Flores-a peaceful town an hour from the ruins-. There you will find secluded hotels to forget the world, such as Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel in front of the Quexil Lagoon; or resorts where to plan a wedding overlooking Lake Petén Itzá, like the Camino Real Tikal and Bolontiku Hotel Boutique.

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