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IAPCO: The MICE Industry Can Avail Itself of New Young Talent

A new cadre of meetings industry professionals supply skill sets fortoday’s hybrid and virtual MICE services markets

On the October 11 broadcast of “Coffee Talks,” Vicky Marmolejo hosted Ori Lahav, president 2020-2023 ofIAPCO(International Association of Professional Congress Organizers) and vice president of clients and operations of the Kenes Group.

Taking advantage of his 15 years of experience in the field, Lahav discussed a global vision, from the PCO’s perspective, of the MICE industry as it reopens to travel. Despite challenges presented by the pandemic, 97% of IAPCO’s members have decided to stick with the organization during this challenging time.

According to Lahav, IAPCO’s mission is to raise the standards of the industry by means of education, engagement, and interaction—among members but also for the industry at large. Most of their educational opportunities are available not only to members, but to all industry representatives.

 “I have been very optimistic since the beginning, even despite the pandemic. If we think about the current, global state of the economy and consider the younger generations’ ingenuity, we see a great opportunity to recruit new professionals,” said Ori Lahav.

Attracting new talent is necessary and urgent, given the new modality of hybrid events and virtual services. 

“We need people who have new skillsinvolved in these new spheres. For some of our objectives we can use freelancers from professional studios, but we need to attract talent with fresh ideas to MICE,” said the president of IAPCO.

In this sense, MICE has opened a new field of employment for specialists in new information and communications technologies, despite the fact that nowadays employees changes positions more frequently and display less company loyalty.


“We at IPCO speak to government liaisons, because they are the ones who provide jobs. We understand that the key to recovery for destinations comes from the meetings industry, but we need government support to guarantee labor.” surmised Lahav.

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