Incentive travel reassesses its value as a health component

  • Puerto Rico offers a wide variety of team-building activities to rekindle group morale and alleviate the pandemic’s emotional consequences.

By Jorge J. J. Martínez

The Meetings Industry has reassessed incentive travel as being beneficial for corporate personal and group health. Several studies on the pandemic’s impact on mental and emotional health have revealed predictable consequences, such as depression and anxiety, among others.

Of particular relevance is the most recent Destination Analysts’ survey, which indicates that 63% of Americans have an ongoing latent intention to travel.

The collective desire to travel of a large segment of the world’s population, the gradual reopening of destinations, the launch of the first phase of vaccination, and the implementation of biosafety protocols, are reactivating groups and face-to-face events.

It was hard to achieve the business goals and objectives that generally lead to incentive travel in 2020, so hosting trips with the simple motive of healing and strengthening the group now qualify as a wellness action.

Puerto Rico offers team building activities in a spectacular setting

This beautiful Caribbean island is one of the most progressive destinations for reopening and has adapted to the demand for international biosafety measures. As such, Discover Puerto Rico recommends a series of team-building activities conducted by DMCs in partnership with the destination.

Activities range from experiencing community life on small farms and visiting a coffee plantation to driving a 4×4 through the lush jungle (with GPS assistance) searching for hidden waterfalls.

The exclusive Signature Old San Juan food tour deserves an honorable mention for foodies, as it is a gastronomic tour of several Old San Juan restaurants, and groups can even cook a traditional Puerto Rican dish.

To learn about all the team-building options Puerto Rico has to offer, click here.


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