Meetings Alliance and Industria de Reuniones: Two great MICE industry media companies merge

The two platforms mirror each other: Meetings Alliance in English and Industria de Reuniones in Spanish.

Strengthening both publications, this union will provide more benefits for MICE professionals.

Meetings Alliance (MA) and Industria de Reuniones  (IR)—two of the most important media specialists serving the Americas—have joined forces to increase the level of services provided to all sectors of the MICE industry.

They say that there’s strength in numbers, and that’s especially true during this time of evolution and redesign in the MICE industry.

In response to current challenges Sandra Reed, CEO of MA, and Tony Yarto, CEO of Grupo Turespacio e Incubator, decided to merge their two projects: MA for English speakers and IR for Spanish speakers.

Their first accomplishment appears to be growth in social media reach and in website traffic. The size of the two companies’ databases has also grown substantially; together they represent more than 25,000 industry professionals.

The goal is to increase the value of content, providing decision-makers with information that will positively influence the exchange of goods and services in the MICE industry throughout North and South America.

Each group has a captive market in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and even in some European cities; combining them therefore increases the networking possibilities of clients of both MA and IR.

This new alliance primarily benefits destinations, hotels, convention centers and MICE professionals needing to receive and disseminate more information about industry procedures conforming to “the new normal.”

The pillars of this new professional relationship—quality, knowledge and language—will be found at and

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