The Mexican Caribbean Opens Doors to Latin America

Thanks to its achievements, MPI’s Caribe Mexicano Chapter is increasing its influence in MPI Global, attracting the attention of leaders of the international association and making inroads for Latin America’s MICE industry.

The first president of said chapter, Valeria Serrano, will continue for three years as part of the governing board of MPI Foundation Global Board of Trustees as well as being president for 2022 of the recently created Consejo de América Latina (Latin American Council).

“With everything that we’ve done with MPI Caribe Mexicano, precedents were set and they saw our potential to serve on the Board and above all to influence Latin America, where we’ll have a stronger presence and feel represented and taken into account,” stated Valeria.

One tangible example of the new possibilities for Latin America are the various MPI grants for students and professionals. Among the most important of these is being able to attend, all expenses paid, the WEC (World Educational Congress). None of the 12 scholarship students who attended in 2021 were Latinos.

“With regards to the Foundation, you have to give to get; funds must be raised for members’ benefit. My objective is to support Mexican and Latin American destinations, and that professional resources be more evenly distributed. The resources have always been there, but we were not aware of them, nor were they utilized,” she explained.

Having access to MPI Global’s support system and products through the Foundation will strengthen MICE’s professionalism in Latin America.

The Mexican Caribbean is an example of leadership and passion for meetings tourism

The touristic character of the Mexican Caribbean is almost unique on the continent for its accommodation infrastructure, convention centers and services and for having the most extensive air connections in Latin America, as well as for the professional development stemming from the creation of the MPI chapter.

“The idea is to reach [industry professionals] one by one until they become aware of and join the association, in order to grow Latin America. Fortunately the door was opened by the Mexico chapter and the great success of the Caribe Mexicano chapter, which encouraged many,” said Ms. Serrano.

A great piece of news is that for the first time ever, MPI’s WEC event will be held outside the United States, to be celebrated in the Riviera Maya in 2023.

“It’s important that a Latin American woman is now on the Board; it’s opened the door and given other women in the industry the certainty that they can play an important role and break the glass ceilings,” concluded Valeria Serrano.

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