MPI Mexico Chapter seeks to ensure the continuity of the association’s work

Ricardo Magaña and his board of directors have established Learning, Innovation, Collaboration, and Promotion as the cornerstones of their administration.

The new president of MPI Mexico Chapter, Ricardo Magaña, has begun his administration with his Board of Directors for 2021-2022. His goal is to professionalize and innovate the country’s Meetings Industry and continue the work that has already yielded results.

Ricardo was a guest on Coffee Talks with Vicky Marmolejo (watch the complete program here) and spoke about his vision for MPI Mexico Chapter. “There are many associations, but what I like about MPI is the professionalization,” he said.

He mentioned the cornerstone components for the revitalization of face-to-face events and the industry’s professionalization: Learning, Innovation, Partnership, and Promotion.

He then described one aspect of each: learning to unlearn is an essential part of learning, adhering to new technologies is vital, taking advantage of public and commercial relations is necessary, and when it comes to communication, seeking exposure beyond the industry’s specialized media is a step forward.

“When we come together, we change the world. We’ve been proving it since the creation of the Mexico and Mexican Caribbean Chapters. The clubs that join are like children; we have to take them by the hand,” commented Magaña.

Continuing in this figurative sense, he spoke of the relationship between him and Salvador Bernal, Chairman of the Latin America Advisory Council (LAAC), and Michel Wohlmuth, a member of MPI’s International Board of Directors (IBOD), when positioning Mexico and Latin America.

“If I am the father, Salvador is the mother. Let’s say that Michel is in a position as a strategist, Salvador is the doer, and I am the dreamer. Mexico and LATAM are going to explode!” he said affectionately, displaying their current sense of confidence.

Regarding the current situation in Mexico City in terms of events, he commented: “It seems like you’re doing something illegal by promoting on-site events. In CDMX, we’ve reverted to orange. We have to be aware of it, but let’s learn to live with it.”

He mentioned that there are regulations that allow concerts, but not an expo, highlighting the lack of knowledge of the MICE industry on the part of the authorities.

“We know that we’re not going to knock on doors that are not going to open for us. We’re going to be working closely on economic issues. Together with COMIR, we’re opening the way for them to see that we’re a responsible industry”, the President of MPI Mexico Chapter said in closing.

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