Latin America boosts its professionalism with the help of the Events Industry Council


  • Latin America’s Meetings Industry is poised to grow if it can take advantage of the tools that the EIC offers worldwide.


The latest edition of the Coffee Talks with Vicky Marmolejo program featured Amy Calvert, CEO of the Events Industry Council (EIC) and Elizabeth Tovar, president of COCAL (Federación de Entidades Organizadoras de Congresos de América Latina). Sandra Reed, CEO of Meetings Alliance moderated. 

Both Amy and Eli agreed the EIC is an excellent supporter in its role as an “umbrella” that covers the entire Meetings Industry globally, bringing together over 103,500 members and over 30 large-scale organizations. 

Latin America stands to grow and develop better as it makes use of all the tools the EIC offers, including research on the global economic impact of the pandemic, manuals for reactivation and, of course, certifications and academic programs. 

“If, as an industry, we can foster better connections, we can be a significant force for change in several areas. There’s a lot of work coming down the pipeline under the EIC umbrella, and it’s important that they reach out to see how this organization can help them,” stated Amy Calvert.

Amy added that the greater the outreach, the greater the impact. In this sense, she acknowledged Elizabeth Tovar and COCAL for the effort they have made, and above all for knowing how to take advantage of the support provided by the EIC. 

“I think we’re learning how to leverage the EIC. It’s very useful, with multiple benefits for all of us. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with the EIC in Latam via webinars and many educational programs,” commented Elizabeth Tovar

These programs have generated credit for multiple EIC certifications, ultimately boosting the professionalization of the industry in Latin America. It’s been a long road that’s already showing progress.

Regarding Amy’s participation in the COCAL Congress, Elizabeth pointed out that “for us, it’s one thing to talk to governments and another thing to have a person like Amy who brings together so many members and organizations. She’s a unique voice, a louder voice. And that made a difference in the event,” said the President of COCAL.

Tovar added that the objectives of the event included showing that the Latin America’s MICE industry is ready for meetings and showing another point of view of the local government, which in the Dominican Republic has been committed to tourism. 

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