Leticia Rosas co-founder of TEQUIO

TEQUIO, a Socially Responsible Corporate Events, that presents an unusual fusion of three separate concepts. Once you understand them, you’ll find it’s not quite as odd as it seems as it presents how beauty and good works come together.

On the one hand, we have the MICE industry’s premier destinations that offer the comfort, luxury, and beauty we all desire. On the other hand, there’s the need to keep a watchful eye on the environmental impact while supporting local communities and helping them preserve their traditions with dignity.

TEQUIO proves there’s a place where wellness and development aren’t mutually exclusive, the third factor is longevity. These three elements are inseparable, are are required to activate each other as essential gears within the Meetings Industry.

Leticia Rosas co-founder of TEQUIO, wants to put into practice what she learned growing up. Helping the community, comes hand in hand with sustainability: Together with and for the community… This is how we ensure everyone always benefits, she says. TEQUIO has 10 years’ experience and 200 successful events under its belt, always growing and helping others grow.

TEQUIO: a Nahuatl word that means “voluntary tribute.” That is, assuming one is a part of the community and a guardian of the environment, building value chains that allow one to give back what one takes, developing economies and, along the way, creating worthy destinations for those who live there. Shouldn’t everything be that beautiful and that simple?

Leticia Rosas makes it happen thanks to her academic preparation and continual education: she graduated from ESDAI and CESSA, was certified in CMP and has been a member of the PCMA for the past five years. And she is here to answer the big economic, ecological, and social questions for the world at large, which undoubtedly include the MICE industry.

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