PCMA: LATAM has a bright future within the MICE Industry

      Challenging times demand an events designed to deliver the client’s objectives, while creating a professional, safe, and enjoyable environment and taking advantage of regional strengths.

By Jorge J. J. Martínez

Sherrif Karamat, President and CEO of PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association), made a great appearance on Talks with Vicky Marmolejo, discussing several topics of vital interest for Latin America. Watch the whole show here.

“I think LATAM has a tremendous opportunity, and PCMA is very committed to it. We hired a full-time director for the Buenos Aires-based region, Lucio Vaquero, and our second new employee, Marcela Torres, is based in Mexico. This is just the start; it’s going to be a proud LATAM Community,” shared Sherrif.

Karamat considers the pandemic as an accelerator for seeing what needed attention, for example addressing sustainability in Costa Rica, efficiency issues in logistics in Panama, or other countries like Mexico addressing bank industry and energy sectors.

“You see that the entire region is so powerful. We have been doing events and bringing together people from many sectors and industries, impacting the region globally. The time value can be just as productive as any other business,” he said.

The conditions next year will most likely change because of the Delta variant, so there’s another transition year on the horizon; at least, that’s the forecasts agree on so far. That’s why he urged to prioritize the issues, and then try to solve them by bringing together knowledgeable locals and inviting outsiders who have solved them already.

“That’s what motivates people to meet in LATAM: people coming together to find solutions. If we want to engage more people, then we have to demonstrate our value as an industry,” confirmed the President and CEO of PCMA.

“We don’t have to go to the government. They have to come to us because if they do, it means we are truly valuable in LATAM. If we report correctly, I guarantee they will come to us, if we don’t, they will continue to ignore us,” he added.

Managing people’s expectations is something leaders must do, because not everything happens quickly. But with good management, people can focus on seeing progress.

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