Peru eliminates mandatory quarantine for foreigners

PROMEPERU celebrates 10 years of “Marca Perú” and faces new challenges.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru (MINCETUR), Claudia Cornejo, informed that the Council of Ministers decided to suspend the mandatory quarantine for passengers traveling from abroad.

The requirement for PCR negative tests to travel domestically in Peru was also removed.

As reported on local Peruvian radio station, the minister said decision was made thanks to the slight improvment in the numbers of COVID-19 cases registered in the previous weeks of the pandemic.

To this point, she specified that, in reference to international flights, the 14-day mandatory quarantine will be eliminated for travelers from abroad. However, the requirement of a negative PCR test or a medical epidemiology discharge certificate will remain in place.

PROMEPERU celebrates 10 years of “Marca Perú” and faces new challenges.

The Director of Promperu, Amora Carbajal, said the country is being challenged with recovering not only its economy, but also the trust of the international tourist. “along with facing the new challenges presented by the new normal worldwide, our biggest challenge in 2021 is to contribute to the recovery of Peru’s international reputation and strengthen trust domestically,” explained Carbajal.

Along the same lines, she stated that the measures adopted “to face the coronavirus pandemic caused the country to fall several positions worldwide” during 2020.  Nevertheless, it continues to be among the top 5 country brands of Latin America.

The Director of Promperu added that this is a huge challenge, because the scenario implies “reformulating current strategies to maintain presence in the international audiences.” To achieve this, the country must implement objectives “oriented towards sustainability” that also highlight “Peruvian talent based on innovation as a differentiating element that contributes to the positive image of the country.”

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