Araceli Ramos Mundo Cuervo

Predictions for 2022: The Value of Brands and Their Cultural Relevance

By Jorge J. J. Martínez 

Araceli Ramos Rosaldo, director of promotion and PR for Casa Cuervo and Mundo Cuervo, has been a leader in the creation of products focusing on tourism and the meetings industry for the prestigious tequila brand.

Today she shares with us her forecast for 2022, pointing out qualities essential for positioning products and touristic services.

“It is time to work together, not dwelling on all that we have gone through with the pandemic; we must value and appreciate life, continuing to increase our brands’ feelings of relevance, cultural identity and passion,” remarked Ramos Rosaldo.

For Araceli, economic recovery in 2022 depends on planning, programming and budget control; strategic alliances with authorities, businesses and associations; and innovation to diversify markets.

“We have to understand that clients must now carefully monitor their expenditures … put ourselves in their shoes. We can’t try to recoup all that we’ve lost and ask for ridiculously high prices; we must respect their budgets,” she added.

In 2022, maximum flexibility to recover confidence

Flexibility has been key in these first two years of the pandemic, and this trend will continue to an even greater degree since the world hasn’t finished its showdown with the virus. Reducing costs and upgrading security are among the most essential strategies.

“I believe that one of the greatest challenges for 2022 will be to recover the confidence of meeting planners to conduct business. Another challenge is the great economic loss caused by slashed budgets. Priorities must be given to quality over quantity, traveling with real goals, and getting a return on investment,” asserted Araceli Ramos.

In this sense, a virtual presence has helped MICE industry businesses work faster and more efficiently, thus reducing costs, all the while reaffirming that nothing can replace in-person experiences.

Gambling on the win-win

Araceli explained that previously it was common to give sponsorship without expecting any material returns, more for social reasons that for business. The new normal no longer permits these types of collaborations.

One type of business relationship that has been strengthened by the pandemic and will continue to grow is co-branding. “We must create alliances and help each other, understanding that today we will succeed only by working together. We can no longer expect exchanges that come without benefits, since these are not donations [but business transactions],” said the director of promotion and PR of Cuervo House and Cuervo World.

“I believe we will become more selective, deciding which are the best fairs and events of the year. Today you will go to the meetings that work best for producing business, relationships, growth and profit. This means that the level of organization and care [of events] must be high in order to be the best, and be selected by clients,” she concluded.

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