Spotlight On Alejandro Ramírez Tabche

By Jorge J. J. Martínez 

Alejandro Ramírez Tabche is the current president of el Consejo Mexicano de la Industria de Reuniones (COMIR, or the Mexican Meetings Industry Council). He has more than 30 years of experience in his two biggest passions: traveling and bringing people together.

“Mexico is a marvelous destination and we must revive the international market. It will take months to do so but we can see it happening; this business is about future sales, and reservations for 2023 are promising,” announced COMIR’s president.

Mexico has in place all biosecurity protocols, assured Alejandro, and is among the most successful in the world in that area. Other promising data show that MICE-related businesses are hiring again.

Objectives: Creating a digital barometer and better public representation

Mexico has been a pillar of development for the MICE industry in Latin America and will be once again with the Digital Barometer Observatory that COMIR is developing.

“The Digital Barometer Observatory is a project that we are vigorously championing and we will without a doubt complete it. We are well advanced with respect to data and data processing and we are monitoring this constantly in an opportune and digital fashion,” stated Mr. Ramírez Tabiche, whose term ends in August 2022.

Another important function of the council is the representation and integration of all members of COMIR with the public and private sectors.

“I believe that we are fulfilling this function in an important way; we will now have a presence in Mexico’s Parlamento Abierto along with CNET, establishing political representation and expressing the needs and demands of the MICE industry,” assured Alejandro Ramírez.

Mexico is definitely recovering

Lastly, Alejandro said that he is positive that Mexico is recovering. Before the pandemic, tourism represented about eight percent of the GPD, or Gross Domestic Product (of which MICE represented approximately 1.3 percent); today that number hovers around six percent.

“The reality is that this industry is very generous; we must put all our efforts into the market. We had 24 difficult months, but without a doubt this industry is a motor that drives the [economy of] the country,” concluded Alejandro Ramírez Tabche.

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