Spotlight On: Michel Wohlmuth

By Jorge J. J. Martínez

Michel Wohlmuth is a Mexican national who is making his mark in the history of Latin America’s meetings industry by being the first Latin American to become a member of the International Board of Directors (IBOD) of MPI (Meeting Professionals International).

Michel’s apparent German ancestry is also evident in his cultural traits, such as his commitment to keeping his word and fulfilling his obligations.

He is a communications specialist by profession, an entrepreneur, and a meetings specialist on a holistic level, thanks to the 30 years of experience gained with his company Creatividad, which he founded and currently manages with his partner Juan Carlos Lozano.

“Creativity is one of my main traits; I like to experiment and be in contact with people, at the end of the day, that’s our business. The human being is the raw material. Yes, we have to generate business for the client who asks for the event. Still, the person who attends must also generate business,” said Michel, who with his company has organized more than seven thousand events and meetings.

Positioning Latin America’s MICE industry worldwide

Michel has come a long way since he first became a member of MPI in 1997. The first big step was becoming president of the Mexico Chapter in 2018-2019.

“I entered with my company’s same philosophy of making a mark, of revolutionizing the association, of doing something important and surrounding myself with people who would help me reach that goal,” stated Wohlmuth, who enjoyed an excellent tenure opening doors for the Mexican Caribbean and Colombia.

In 2019 he was acknowledged as MPI’s most valuable person and was appointed as the first Chairman of the Latin America Advisory Council (LAAC) at MPI during 2019-2020, a position now held by Salvador Bernal. Michel considers that one aspect that has made Mexico grow in MPI is the managerial continuity.

“Darren Temple, the COO of MPI Global, set the goal of growing MPI for LATAM. We have had an excellent relationship since then. He attended an event in Mexico, and I said to him in before the media that, in a few years, LATAM was going to be more important than Europe,” recalled Wohlmuth.

His commitment to people’s professional development within MPI and the possibility of being part of the International Board of Directors, which creates the strategies and policies that govern the organization, motivated Michel to apply for the position. After a rigorous process, he was accepted for the 2021-2023 term.

“At this moment, my responsibility is Latin America; I’m the liaison between Salvador Bernal as Chairman and the IBOD. This year our goal is to add one more club in LATAM and over the next three years add at least one more per year,” he said.

Mexico, an increasingly vital player for MPI

Mexico’s prominence within MPI is becoming increasingly evident, particularly in light of the Mexico Chapter’s continuous achievements and the Mexican Caribbean Chapter’s recent gains at the RISE Awards.

Michel fully acknowledged the effort and leadership Valeria Serrano, former president of MPI’s Mexican Caribbean Chapter, brought during her tenure. Winning these awards one after the other is no mean feat, as they are the most important in the global meetings industry.

“This confirms what I was saying to Darren: that we were soon going to surpass Europe. We are proving it in terms of awards, growth, membership, the commitment of our partners, chapters, and chairmen of the boards of directors,” he stressed.

Michel has been appointed as president-elect of the Mexican Meetings Industry Council (COMIR), to take office in two years.

“Our work in the associative market is voluntary, and we do it because we’re passionate about it. It’s an opportunity to give back to the industry what it has given me, I am who I am, and I have what I have thanks to this wonderful industry,” concluded Michel Wohlmuth. Michel, thank you for your time and attention. May you reach all your goals, and may you continue to revel in the joy brought to you by your family and your pets.

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