Spotlight On: Rocío González

By Jorge J. J. Martínez

We are Rediscovering the Caribbean with Rocío González, a passionate professional in the MICE Industry passionate professional with over 15 years of experience in tourism.

Rocío is the MICE Director for the Consejo de Promoción Turística de Quintana Roo (CPTQ), and recently accepted the challenge of presiding over the 2021-2022 board of directors of the MPI Mexican Caribbean Chapter

“I’m a person who won’t say no: we only have one shot and we have to take it, move foward and see what happens, because life is an opportunity to enjoy, to belong, to grow, to evolve…” said Rocío, who is also part of ICCA México Board.

Originally from Mexico City, she travelled around de world for a time but now is “proudly from Cancun and honorably from Quintana Roo”, as they say there.

MPI Mexican Caribbean experiences its first transition

The first presidency of a new MPI chapter only lasts two years, which is what Valeria Serrano experienced during her tenure in the now historic MPI Caribe Mexicano chapter. Rocio was a member of the first board, so now she will strive to follow up on what was done and make her own contribution.

 “We must have continuity; there are projects that Valeria didn’t complete because of COVID-19. They were good ideas and I’ve always believed good ideas should be pursued.  There are projects I can and want to take up again to move forward, because they won’t stop here: we want them to continue under other boards,” she assured.

The idea is not to lose the common thread in order to preserve the association’s credibility, so that the medium and long-term projects are aligned. 

What are the challenges and goals of the 2021-2022 Board of Directors?

This new board uses the phrase “We are all members,” to remind that it’s not only about adding people, but also provide benefits. A month after starting her term, they have already added 14 new members.

Thanks to her experience with the CPTM, Rocío is clear that, at the end of the day it’s all about sales. “This board will be known for generating business, that’s what we have to do because we are already in reactivation,” she sentenced.

In terms of networking, they have already begun arranging fam trips for other MPI chapter members in the US to have their retreats in the Mexican Caribbean. The same invitation will be extended to other destinations in South America.

One new development is the creation of the iconic VIVE MICE event, whose first edition is in October 2021: First, the Mexican Caribbean goes to CDMX to showcase its offer and then brings MPI Mexico members to the Caribbean.

“We want to do it every year. The advantage that is we can switch out the event venues among the destinations and add value to the membership,” she pointed out. 

With respect to education, they will seek to replicate in other universities the agreement signed by the previous administration with the Universidad Anahuac; while simultaneously developing an exclusive course on the MICE Industry.

It would seem that achieving at least one annual RISE Award will be a must for all the Mexican Caribbean boards of directors, simply because the destination is capable to doing so. It is worth noting that the Mexican Caribbean chapter, in addition to Quintana Roo, includes Campeche and Yucatan.

“We have options either on the education or membership side because we are growing. We want to apply for several (awards),” mentioned González, who also intends to pursue one of the individual awards.

In closing, Rocío González announced that two new vice presidencies have been added: International Relations to encourage internationalization, and Social Responsibility, a topic no longer considered a mere trend.

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