Spotlight On: Tony Yarto

All of our guests are special, but today I am particularly pleased to introduce Tony Yarto, CEO of Grupo Turespacio and Incubatour. The first is a renowned travel blog—winner of the 2011 national award for “best tourism website” in Mexico—and the second is a developer of tourism products.

With more than 25 years in tourism, Tony is a specialist in the field who provides training, consulting, advice, digital marketing strategies, and informative content to the entire tourism industry.

I’m passionate about the Meetings Industry, I’m a provocateur of intelligent topics, and I like to promote knowledge,” says Tony as he introduces himself, joking that his “defect” is being half chilango (native of Mexico City) and his “virtue” is being half tapatío (native of Guadalajara).

Turespacio was his first 100% digital space dedicated to tourism in general, but after seeing the growth of the Meetings Tourism segment, Tony and his brother decided to focus on it separately by creating the Industria de Reuniones blog in 2012.

People saw us as the bad guys, because we called it ‘meetings industry’ and not ‘meetings tourism.’ My logic was very simple: I used the literal translation [from the English] of meetings industry, as simple as that, but with solid background analysis behind it. Today, time has proven us right, because it is known as IDR [Industria de Reuniones, in Spanish], with the tourism part becoming smaller and smaller,” explained Yarto.

Industria de Reuniones forged a new path, positioning itself by inviting specialized contributors such as Rodrigo Esponda, Sandra Reed, and Eduardo Chaillo, among others. One advantage of the blog is that it uses the generic name of the industry itself, which positions it organically and makes it easier to index.

The big news: Meetings Alliance and Industria de Reuniones join forces

Company mergers have been a global trend in the wake of the pandemic, something that Meetings Alliance and the Meetings Industry are replicating as of 2020.

Quality, knowledge, and language become the fundamental pillars of this new union. Sandra and Tony are happy and motivated with the new merger; they have many years of friendship and have worked on several projects together.

When I read the content Sandra was generating, the coincidences were evident, and I proposed to her that we join forces to turn one platform into a mirror of the other. That increases our value, because now Industria de Reuniones has become the Spanish version of Meetings Alliance, and Meetings Alliance is the English version of Industria de Reuniones,” said Tony Yarto about the alliance.

What they have in common is that both media came to be around the same time, they both generate valuable content as experts on the subject, they have broad connections within the meetings industry, and their audience extends throughout the Americas and beyond.

“Together we generate a community of around 25 thousand professionals and approximately 50 thousand monthly visits to the sites. This is a time of consolidation, of mergers and alliances, nowadays those who do not collaborate are lost. With this union we’re giving the market what it’s looking for,” said Tony Yarto.

Referring to the analogy of mirroring each other, Tony clarified that they are not “identical twins,” since each media has its own identity. What he did emphasize is knowing how to deliver the message in the appropriate language and with the appropriate interpretation, an advantage that both media outlets have as each one publishes in its native language.

We’re expanding our value with regards to content and expanding the opportunity to funnel the right information to decision makers for the exchange of products and services within the meetings industry,” added Tony, who likes to play baseball, tennis, and watch high-speed racing.

In closing, Tony revealed that during one of his tourism training trips he had a special encounter with the Seri community of Sonora. They asked him to share the philosophy of their people, summarized in the phrase: “think pretty and talk pretty.” Ever since, he’s always incorporated the phrase into his workshops, interviews, and conferences.

Incidentally, if any of you shared the same curiosity as I did, allow me to clarify: Yes, Tony is first cousin to Claudio Yarto, lead singer of the Caló group.

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