The Meetings Industry, an example of Labor Gender Equity

More than 60% of the people who work in the Meetings Industry are women, and not only in the commercial area, but also in the private and public sectors; less than 5% hold management positions.

In the framework of International Women’s Day, Vicky Marmolejo, 2019-2020 president of the Tourism Business Executives Women’s Association (AFEET), Quintana Roo subsidiary chapter, shared her perspective on the women’s role in the Meetings Industry.

“It has been a very important evolution, the female workforce in tourism is over 50% and I think that in the Meetings Industry, we are above that number. We’re gradually getting more opportunities in better positions, not only in the commercial area — which is natural for women — but in management too.” said Vicky, who is a recognized businesswoman within the industry.

By the year 2000, the Meetings Industry boom started in Mexico, the site for events grew by around 90%, at the same time as female participation inside the industry. Numbers desired by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Women UN, whose plan is to have total parity in the world between women and men by 2030.

“Gender equity implies equality in educational opportunities and salaries. In Mexico, they pay you up to 30% less for the same job”, she emphasized. The Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women’s Convention seeks to reduce these differences.

For Vicky, education is essential, and the most important ingredient in education is the inspiration to share greatness. As an example, she mentioned women who have inspired her within the industry such as Patricia Farías, Rocío Armenta, Wendy Hesketh and Elena Maribona.

“Leadership is not based on gender, we are a complement. Today you can see the countries that have best handled the pandemic have a woman in charge, such as Germany, Finland, Norway and Taiwan”, added Marmolejo, who is a recognized specialist in attracting international events.

Finally, she remarked that after finishing her presidency at AFEET, she feels satisfied for increasing membership by 35% in the midst of the pandemic, as well as other actions such as the 41 “Cafecito con AFEET ” programs and her first Virtual Trade Show.

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